Looking For An MCITP Training Institute? CMS Institute Could Be An Option

Are you planning to do MCITP certification? Wait before you enroll in any institute as the certifications are about to expire very soon. You need to perform MCSA now and here you can take a glance at the Certifications Overview. Once you select the server option on the main screen then you will see that first you need to perform MCSA ( Microsoft Certified Solution Associate ), then you need to do MCSE ( Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert ) followed by MCSM ( Microsoft Certified Solutions Master ) and finally you can opt for MCA which stands for Microsoft Certified Architect.

Now there are two types of MCSA:

1) MCSA: Windows Server 2008
2) MCSA: Windows Server 2012

I would recommend to go for the second one as Windows Server 2012 is the latest one and emerging technology. So, try to find an institute in your area which is providing training for the latter one.

After the MCSA you can upgrade to MCSE which is provided in different MS technologies and so on as explained above. Now once you are aware of different certifications and depending upon your requirements or area of interest you can find out an institute offering the same. Many exams got retired from MS so do not opt for the training of same. If you would like to know about the retired exams and certifications then please refer the links given below:

Please refer the exams here which are scheduled to retire

MCITP MCSA Exchange Training

Now finding an institute is not an easy task specially in our country as there are institutes who are offering training for Server 2003 which simply means that they are playing with the time and career of students. Let me share the experience of my journey for finding an institute in Delhi.

I joined Network Nuts, an institute for providing training of Linux. As it takes around 2 hours from my place to the institute so I thought as I would be traveling around 3 to 4 hours a day for a class of 2 hours so it would be better to enroll in an institute for Windows Server training as it was always in my to do list.

I started hunting for an institute near South Extension area and asking people about a good one. I visited many institutes in the area rather almost all of them except New Horizons (it totally skipped off my mind) but none of them were as per my expectations. Many of them were offering a course in Windows Server 2003 which is an outdated technology and many institutes were not sure about their own offering.

While the search was on via Just Dial and other online portals, CMS happened to me. I got a call from CMS Laxmi Nagar and had some words with Suman Rawat, a representative of CMS Computer Institute, Laxmi Nagar Branch. I discussed the course content with her and she sent the details to me via email as well. The offer along with the content looked nice to me but the problem was that I was in search of an institute around South Delhi because of my other institute's location. Had that not been the case I would have joined CMS, Laxmi Nagar.

So, I decided to visit CMS Computer Institute, South Ex branch and met Ms. Kiran Khatri, discussed about the course content as I was looking for Windows Server-Enterprise Administrator and Exchange Server. I also discussed the things with their trainer Mr. Kamal Dixit and finally decided to go with them. The infrastructure of the branch is fine but poorly managed that I never expected from CMS institute atleast the way they are famous in the market. Had I seen the classrooms earlier, might be I would not have taken admission.

They should also have a proper working AC or at least a fine running fan, normally I don't mind a faulty AC but the summers of Delhi are so famous and it was difficult to manage in a classroom without a proper ventilation. Anyhow, by the time my batch was about to finish and before leaving the institute, the AC got replaced. So, do not worry as I am sure now you would be studying in a proper ventilated room or at least with a cooling system.

My course started and I got Mr. Kamal Dixit as my trainer. On the first day, we had an intro class about the course along with the introduction to each other. There were other students in the batch and unfortunately the number of students in comparison to the working computers available in the lab were more so they need to take care of the things that the number of students in a batch should not be more than the number of working computers.

Anyhow, I was in so continued the batch with Mr.Kamal Dixit who has in depth knowledge of the subjects that he teaches. He takes batches of Windows Server, Linux and CCNA which is a good thing as you can ask relevant questions from different technologies and he answers them perfectly well without beating around the bush. If he does not know the answer of something (I used to ask questions as per my work experience which were not directly relevant to the course) which is obvious that a single person is not the master of all computer technologies, then he simply says that instead of giving false information to the students.

Most of the students from my batch went to their college to attend their semester exams so I was alone in the class which did not, at all hamper the teaching quality of Kamal sir and in fact I enjoyed the classes as I got enough time and computing resources to practice the topics taught in the class. He taught everything so well and even after practicing at home incase there was any step that needed to sort out then again he explained the things to clear my doubts. I must say he is an awesome faculty that we normally do not find in institutes and I do not regret my decision of not inquiring about the course in New Horizon. He also runs his technical blog at http://dixitmicro.blogspot.com/ where you can learn many things via his tutorials. I must say he is a must to retain and sure to hire faculty for any institute.

When I saw the notes of the students who were learning Linux from him then I realized that I could have taken admission in CMS for RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) as well. But that time they were providing RHCE training only but I was interested in more advanced courses of Linux along with the basic one. However, had they been providing advanced Linux courses then I would have taken admission in Redhat courses too. Later on at the time of publishing this post, I heard that they have started providing training for more Linux courses and I wish if they can provide training for all Linux courses then I can refer unlimited students to them or more precisely to Mr.Kamal Dixit as I have not seen even a single disappointed student from him.

Later on I had to take a break for my semester exam and then when I rejoined CMS institute for my pending course then initially it went quite well but later on at the end I got some batch scheduling glitches as the course for other students got finished but few extra topics were left for me. As I discussed with them regarding few extra topics before taking the admission and as per the expertise of the faculty. Later on discussing the issues with Ms Kiran and Mr. Ravi Shankar Tiwari who is the Jille Ilahi of South Ex branch the things got fixed however I never expected such batch scheduling from CMS. Mr. Ravi needs to change his cabin or atleast get introduced to students so that if anyone faces any issues in the branch then he can get in touch with him. I saw him many times in the branch but never knew that he is the manager to sort out the things.

Once the course gets over, one can go for certification of the exam after preparing well. Last year I learnt around 4-5 technologies but opted for only Redhat certification (RHCE certification was a nightmare because of poor exam management of my institute else it is a nice exam to appear) as it is a practical based exam and no cheating or malicious activity can be done.

I heard about Microsoft's and CISCO's basic certifications that can be achieved just by paying few extra bucks. However, I was surprised to see such malicious practices from the technical head of CMS South Ex branch who was Mr. Deenbandhu. Higher authorities of any institute should take care of all the branches so that no one can hamper the reputation of the institute.

If one can get certified just by paying few extra bucks no matter if he or she has really taken the training then what is the worth of getting certified. This is also one of the reason, I did not appear for any other certification apart from Redhat. Many people know such kind of malicious practices are going on for the certifications, I do not understand why proper actions have not been taken yet by the respective technology giants.

If it is not possible to conduct a practical exam then I wish they should start conducting the exams under the supervision of an invigilator from Microsoft or CISCO directly like Redhat. Once it would be applied then I would love to go for Microsoft's certification for which I also booked a double chance offer via their website. When I would get ample time then I would get in touch with the technical giants so that can get to know and share with you all what all steps have been taken by the certification department to improve the certification process.

Overall, it was an awesome experience with CMS Institute only because of their faculty Mr.Kamal Dixit and their business development manager Ms. Kiran Khatri but it could be an amazing experience if all those glitches were not there because of wrong scheduling of my batches (it hampered my CCNA learning too) when everything was going fine. I thank both of them Mr. Kamal (for teaching me all those technologies) and Ms. Kiran Khatri (for solving all my issues regarding the wrong scheduling and poor management of batches).

If you wish to join Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange and CCNA in South Delhi area then you can directly go to CMS (atleast till the time Mr. Dixit is working with them) without wasting your time inquiring in near by institutes as I did and can talk to Kiran Khatri or consult her over phone at 011-41042851011-41042851. South Ex Branch's Address is H-85 A, South Extension, Part-1, Opp Bangali Sweet, New Delhi-48
Ph: 011 - 41042851011 - 41042851/46026083.

I am sure you would get the best deal (for me it was cheapest as well in comparison to other institutes) along with original courseware from Microsoft. You can also use the coupon code "apnidelhi" while making the fee payment to get some extra discount :) I also did CCNA from South Ex branch and would share my experience in a separate post regarding the same.

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