Refer Delhi Metro Route Map Image While Traveling

Metro Rail is the core of Delhi's transport and it makes the traveling damn easier rather fast. I have been traveling in metro since the start of the first line, but last year I used to travel a lot (almost daily) because of my courses. At times, there was a need to refer the route of the Metro and when I open the web portal in my mobile then it shows an error as shown below:

Delhi Metro Plugin Error

The above error comes in Firefox and if I use the inbuilt Chrome browser of my Android then it says that the plug-in is not supported. The error can be fixed by installing the required Flash plug-in from the Adobe's site but who has all that time specially when you are traveling and getting late.

You can refer the image uploaded below to check the route from your source to destination that I have uploaded in PNG format. You can also save the image in your mobile if you are a daily passenger of Delhi Metro. You can also guide other passengers in boarding the right Metro by referring the image.

Metro Rail Route Map

If you need to check the route details along with the fare then you can refer the link given below:

You need to select the departure station followed by destination station and then click on show route button to check the details of the fare and stations along with the timings of first and last metro as shown below:

Metro Rail Fare Chart

I don't know when I would be that regular in Metro again but I do travel at times. I do see many other things (The Good & The Bad) while traveling which would be shared in the next posts regarding Delhi Metro. Do you have something to share about the same so that we can share the things with our readers then do let us know via the comment form implemented below :)

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