Procedure to File Online Police Report of Article & Document Lost

Recently, I lost all my important documents which I was carrying in my wallet while traveling and its almost impossible to survive in the capital without the documents. Though, I have scanned and photocopy of every document but originals need to be present at many places to verify the authenticity. So, I was in need of an FIR (First Information Report) or NCR (Non-cognizable Report) and knew it would be a hectic process, the way it was for me last time.

Suddenly, I thought of doing it online as few days back, I read in news paper that Delhi Police has launched a new service to file online police report of article and document lost. I am glad and thankful to the mind behind this service as it saves a lot of time. I remember when I did it last time by visiting the near by police station, it took much time in comparison to what it should take so I did this online this time and saved a lot of my time.

If you are in need of reporting your lost documents to the near by police station so that you can apply for the duplicate of original then simply visit the link below:

Fill up the form as required with your details, however make sure in the "Lost Articles Column" simply type the initials of the lost document that you wish to add in the list and then it will display the name of the document to select. Lets say, if you wish to add driving license then you need to type only "d" or "driv" without quotes and then it will list driving license to select from (I kept on researching this and finally was able to do it after 5-10 minutes as it was not listing the things properly or I was not aware of this so was typing the complete document name). Then you can add the details like license number in the next column as shown below.

File Lost Document Online Report

After that simply click the add button so that it would be added to the lost document's list and the similar way, you can add all the lost documents. Enter the details in "Any Other Details:" field and then submit the form. You will immediately get an email with your Information Report in PDF form and would also be able to download the PDF then and there after the submission. Do you like this awesome service from Delhi Police like me? It saves a loads of time, don't forget to share your views on this and similar services in Delhi using the comment system below.

PS: This online service is only for lost articles and documents. Do not use it for reporting other criminal activities like theft or any other crime. Also do not make false report to police using this or any other service as it is a punishable offense.

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