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The world of Networks is very big and we all are part of it. CISCO is the industry leader for networking which provides so many certifications in this vast domain. There are multiple certifications available from CISCO in different domains though the basic one and commonly known is CCNA. Now CCNA can also be done in different domains but the first one to go with is CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) in R & S (Routing and Switching).

Best CCNA Training Institute

If you would like to know the complete path of networking then you can visit the Cisco Career Certifications Page here and the Current Exam List Page here to have a better understanding of networking domain. If you go through both these pages then you can inquire in a much better way. You can also check the knowledge of your trainer in terms of certifications and career path which helps in finalizing the institute for your training.

Last year, I enrolled for few courses and CCNA was one among them. I am sharing my CCNA course experience as the way I shared my Linux training experience & Windows Server course experience. Before the start of my CCNA training, I already knew the teaching way of Mr. Kamal Dixit as explained in MS Server Experience post (IT training faculty with CMS) so I was sure to go with him only for my CCNA training.

In our CCNA batch there were plenty of students, even more than the number of computers in the lab. As explained in my previous post about CMS South Ex branch that the management of batch timings and students allotment in a batch was quite poor. I hope they have improved the things by now as students should get hands on experience while learning any technology.

When I took the training, CMS was also using Packet Tracer and even I did not get hands on experience on it as there were plenty of students and not enough computers as per the batch. Kamal Dixit is a nice trainer which has been shifted to CMS Pitampura. He has good knowledge of Windows Server, Redhat Linux & CISCO technologies so he can answer your relevant and irrelevant queries from multiple domains. Pitampura branch also has real routers to train you for CCNA Certifications at the best price.

Most of the institutes in Delhi & NCR are using Packet Tracer software from CISCO to teach CCNA which is not a good practice. Before enrolling in any institute, make sure that they have real routers to train you. Packet Tracer or GNS can be used by you at home for self practice. One must have a real router experience in the training.

At the beginning of this year, I saw an offer on Facebook from another institute in Pitampura for discounted CCNP courses. I went there for a trial though it cost me Rs.500 with a refund promise but the trainer was not that good and I dropped my idea to continue with them. I will cover that institute and working of such institutes in a separate post to save student's time and money. The institute did have real routers but if the faculty is not good then even real routers are of no use.

Had there been a proper batch management at my time of CCNA training then it would have been a different experience. I am sure that Ms. Kiran Khatri will not let you in such a situation and your training under Mr. Dixit would be a nice experience with vast gain of knowledge in the enrolled courses.

I am done with institutes as most of them are running just to earn money without a proper faculty. If someone asks me about a training institute to get trained on a IT course then I simply route them to CMS as I don't have much time to train people. Mr. Dixit has pretty good knowledge to train students which got confirmed during my trial from CBT Nuggets as he taught me almost everything which they have in their videos.

If you are planning to join CMS Infosystems for any course then I would strongly recommend you to enroll in CMS Pitampura branch as Mr. Kamal Dixit and Ms. Kiran Khatri are here now. You can contact or visit the branch at the address mentioned below:

CMS Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.
373, 1st Floor, Kohat Enclave
Near Kohat Metro Station
New Delhi

Ms. Kiran Khatri

You can also use the coupon code "apnidelhi" to get more discount in your course fee. Even if you join elsewhere then also make sure the institute has real number of required routers and you should not get trained on softwares like Packet Tracer or GNS. You can use the softwares at your home for self practice as you can't buy real routers. If you know about more good institutes in Delhi/NCR for CISCO training or any other IT certifications then feel free to let us know via the comment system.


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