How to Apply Online for a Passport? Get It the Easiest Way

Passport is a need to have travel document which proves the identity and nationality of a person. Earlier, it used to be a hectic or lengthier process but now a days it has become quite easy. If you are aware of the proper procedure then you can get it the easiest way without visiting the PSK again and again. I decided to get a passport and followed the simple procedure to get it as still many people think that it will be a hectic process and get in touch with brokers etc.

If you are reading this post then you are quite familiar with the usage of internet and I am sure that you can get a passport on your own. There is no need to consult a middle man and pay extra money when you can get it on your own. Let me share the step by step procedure to get a passport and how things proceed until you get yours.

Passport Online Application Procedure

First of all, you need to be sure that you have all the required documents before applying for a passport. Regular readers must be aware that I lost most of my documents when I was planning to apply for a passport. I consulted few of my friends who are holding a passport but they did not remember the exact list of documents. Many informed me that driving license and pan card could be used as well but they were not right as none of these can be used for address or identity proof (You don't need to give any identity proof as only address and date of birth proof are required). Please see the images uploaded below for the list of address and proof of date of birth documents but don't forget to check the latest link for the accepted documents on their website:

Passport Birth Proof Documents List

Passport Address Proof Documents List

I was confused about the proof of birth document til I figured out the list of documents. Few was telling that I need a birth certificate (I was unable to find my original one and only have a photocopy) or in case I don't have it then I need to get an affidavit. Later, I figured out as per their Birth Certificate FAQs that it is mandatory to submit Birth Certificate for only those applicants who are born on or after 26.1.89. So, I gave my 10th class passing certificate as date of birth proof. I will advise you the same, instead of asking people who are not sure about anything better directly see the FAQs or the listed documents for any query. If you don't get the answer then simply dial their toll free number - 1800-258-1800, which is also listed on the website under the contact us option.

Please always refer the links below to check the latest list of documents required as per your Passport requirement:

List of Documents Required for Fresh Passport Issuance 


List of Documents Required for Re-issue of Passport

Once you are sure that you have prepared all your documents along with their self signed photocopies, then visit the main website of Passport or simply create an account using the link provided below: 

On the home screen, you have all the options available, so please click on "Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport " as shown below:

You have alternative options to fill up the form. Either you can fill it online or can download the softcopy, fill it offline and then upload the filled form (Could not understand why they recommend this method? Might be coz of frequent net disconnections or because of slow internet speed in our country. I preferred to fill the form online).

Once you fill up all the required details then submit the form or you can also save it anytime to complete it later on. After successfully submitting the application form, select it from the left pane under the services as shown in the image above and then select "Pay and Schedule Passport Appointment" as shown below:

Passport Appointment Online Scheduling

After that follow the procedure to select an available date (I applied on 19th of August and got a date of 23rd September so you can plan your application accordingly)>> Payment Mode>> Scheduling the appointment. When I was processing my online application, the payment was done successfully. However, appointment could not be booked due to transaction timeout. If something happens like this then don't get panic. Simply schedule the appointment, the way you selected the payment option as shown in the image above. This time you will only get the Schedule Appointment option.

Once you successfully schedule the appointment, download and print your application details available in PDF format. It contains the batch number, sequence number and the reporting time for the scheduled date. Please visit the PSK on time as per the scheduled date to avoid any issues. Depending upon your PSK, they would have sitting arrangements and then as per the batch, you will be allowed to go inside.

At first, the TCS executives will check your documents and make a file for your application. The only problem that I faced in making a passport was when I gave my E-Aadhaar letter as an address proof then the executive told me that its not valid. He said only Aadhaar Card is valid and not the letter however its written on the passport's site that both are valid. Please refer the official document uploaded on the Passport Seva Website itself, which clearly says that Aadhaar Letter/Card is accepted as proof of address though can't say as of now if Aadhaar Letter and E-Aadhaar Letter are two different things. I think, they both are same so if you have any clue then do let us know.

I was also carrying my bank's updated passbook so gave the same as an address proof. After that, they will send you inside, behind the restricted area where only people along with the proper files are allowed to go. I had no clue what would be next so I asked the guard. He asked me to wait and watch but let me tell you that an executive will call your batch number to collect the files. After sometime, they will return the files with a token number.

As per the issued tokens, you will be called for further processing of your application. Do cross check your particulars when you will be called as per your token. My batch was the last one as per the schedule and everyone was in hurry there to process the files. They wanted to leave as early as possible because their boss had left for the day. During my application process, an executive entered wrong details and then I had to correct them again by re-visiting the counter but had they been printed wrongly in my passport (She entered my father's last name twice) then it would have taken a havoc (I am not sure about the procedure of any correction in a passport and how long does it take) in correcting the details in the printed passport. So, you need to be more cautious if they are not.

It will take some time in the PSK and then you would be given a print out of your passport's application details along with the file number. The next day, I got an email from the passport department that Police Verification Request(s) have been initiated on Pre-Verification basis for my Passport Application (Fresh Passport Issuance under Normal scheme) with File Number XXXXXX.

After one week the verification officer came to my place and verified the original documents. Please be ready with the photocopies of your originals that you gave at the PSK, he will also let you know about the documents required. You will also get an SMS as shown below after the completion of Police Verification.

Passport Police Verification Completed SMS

 You can also track the status of your passport application using the link below:

Track Application Status of Your Passport

You will also get an email stating the "Confirmation of Printing of Passport for your Application", I got it after 12 days of Police Verfication. After 3 days, I got another email stating "Passport Dispatch Intimation" and the next day, I got my Passport.

The complete procedure was quite informative from emails and SMS. The only glitch was the denial of acceptance of E-Aadhaar Letter though I was carrying the passbook but might be someone did not. Rest, everything was fair enough and I don't think that you need to hire a middle man to get your passport. Do you have a different experience of getting a passport? Do share your experience with us.

PS: I have shared the application procedure at the time of my application. Might be the options will change on the website when you apply for a passport as sites keep on updating as per the technology. However, now you have a clear idea that how things proceed. I was totally blank with no clue what would happen next even when I was sitting in the Passport Seva Kendra. I hope you will also get the passport the easiest way.

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