Amazon is Amazing, if You Order a-fulfilled Products

Everyone is busy in their day to day life with home, work, office and other stuff of daily routine. On weekends, we wish to not go for shopping and stay home with the family. E-commerce websites are helping us in every possible way to get the things delivered at the door step. More websites are launching every month because this is a very lucrative business, but customers need to think before using any available website.

Be Their Voice & Help the Voiceless

Winter is at its best now, though in comparison to early years its not that much but still enough to kill the naked ones. I am referring to so many voiceless that we can find near us, without a food or proper shelter. Be it Dogs, Cats, Pigeons or any other bird, they all need food and shelter to survive.

And The Worst Customer Service Experience Award of the Year Goes To Paytm

E-commerce business is a boon to the technology industry, if done with proper Customer Service. There are so many companies available and others are planing to jump into the business. My first worst experience was shared in the post Is A Scam For Me What About You? and after that I stopped making any purchase via such portals. I always preferred to do direct transactions on the vendor's site.

Get the Best Mobile Network Provider to Avoid Issues

Mobile is the need of the Metro cities, you can find people without Computers but you would rarely see someone without a phone. Now, in cities like Delhi there are multiple providers and at times with so many lucrative offers all around its hard to decide, which one to opt for?

Find the best RHCVA training institute for Your Virtualization Training

Virtualization is very much in demand be it at the Windows side or at the Linux side. There are multiple virtualization techniques used in the industry be it the Hyper-V, Redhat Hypervisor, Citrix, VMware ESXi. The last one is still the industry leader in terms of Virtual World but its not a bad idea to learn either of them as per the availability.

Find the Best CCNA Training Institute for Your Networking Career

The world of Networks is very big and we all are part of it. CISCO is the industry leader for networking which provides so many certifications in this vast domain. There are multiple certifications available from CISCO in different domains though the basic one and commonly known is CCNA. Now CCNA can also be done in different domains but the first one to go with is CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) in R & S (Routing and Switching).

How to Apply Online for a Passport? Get It the Easiest Way

Passport is a need to have travel document which proves the identity and nationality of a person. Earlier, it used to be a hectic or lengthier process but now a days it has become quite easy. If you are aware of the proper procedure then you can get it the easiest way without visiting the PSK again and again. I decided to get a passport and followed the simple procedure to get it as still many people think that it will be a hectic process and get in touch with brokers etc.

Kotak Bank Needs to Monitor the Working of its Branches

After Citibank, Kotak is my favorite bank when it comes to private banking as their customer service is very good. If either of my friends or relatives want to open an account then I recommend them Kotak Mahindra Bank which provides a saving account for a minimum balance of 10k and now they have also launched a Jifi account with zero balance offer.

Get the Best Internet Connection for Your Computer & Smart Devices

Internet is the need of today's generation and I wonder if anyone would be there with a Smartphone but without any internet connection. I get surprised when I see a computer without an internet connection but still most of them have a connection and rest of them are looking to get one. If you are also searching to get the best internet connection to use then this post will surely help you in deciding the same so let us know about them one by one.

How To Download Aadhaar Card & Update Your Aadhaar Data Online?

Aadhaar card is a Government issued proof which is valid everywhere for different purpose. If you have read one of the previous post where I shared the procedure to file an FIR online then you must be aware that I have lost few of my important documents and Aadhaar card is one of them. I am in process of getting the duplicate copies of my documents and here is the experience of getting the Aadhar card.