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Virtualization is very much in demand be it at the Windows side or at the Linux side. There are multiple virtualization techniques used in the industry be it the Hyper-V, Redhat Hypervisor, Citrix, VMware ESXi. The last one is still the industry leader in terms of Virtual World but its not a bad idea to learn either of them as per the availability.

Best RHCVA Training Institute
If you have read my experience with a Linux training institute that almost killed my interest in Red Hat Linux then you should be cautious while taking admission in any institute. While my pathetic experience was going on in resolving the issue of my exam money, which they tried to gulp, I enrolled for RHCVA to know the complete training methodologies of the institute. I wanted to make sure that there should not be any misunderstanding to me about the institute. The owner of Network Nuts is not a Certified Architect as told by their staff though I respect him for telling the truth, himself.

My RHCVA started with Network Nuts in a Sunday only batch. Once they got the money (Rs.13500), they converted the batch into a complete weekend batch. I asked them that what the hell is happening now? I paid money for a Sunday only batch as per my availability on Sunday and now you are asking to come on Saturday as well just because its convenient to you? They had no proper answer instead of just saying that "you would have to come" as they got the money and they are known to work the unethical way.

I started the course as per them though I never wanted to join a complete weekend batch. I got to know about their work ethics in detail which confirmed that there was no misunderstanding in my RHCE experience with them. Even though there were only 3 students in the batch then also I did not get to practice my course as I hardly got 2 computers. In RHCVA we should have two computers/student as one computer is required to install the Red Hat Hypervisor and other PC is required to install the management console to manage the VMs.

There were terms like inode and LUN in the RHCVA training which should be taught in RHCE training. According to the trainer of RHCVA who was Mr. Alok Srivastava, one should have a clear understanding of the terms as per the RHCE training but we never got to learn about the same in RHCE. So, their own trainings are not in synchronization as their sole aim is to get more money be it the ethical or unethical way. Most of the times after telling the steps in RHCVA, our trainer used to vanish like anything. All three of us in the batch used to feel like exhausted seeing each other with no clue about the next step. If we used to face any error in doing the taught step then also we could not do anything instead of just sitting there and thinking where the hell would be our trainer.

Anyhow, I noted down all the steps required to complete the practicals and whenever I got the PC specially the last class on 5th Jan 2014, I did all the practicals. I never applied for the RHCVA certification as I knew that in this life I would always keep a distance from training institutes like Network Nuts. The RHCVA training was fine but of no use to me as even the best trainings in the world are of no use if you don't get the computers to practice. So, I was like donating money to Network Nuts so that they can educate their children in a much better way and let them learn in the school that one should never earn money in life, the wrong way.

The setup of RHCVA is not available to students (And I thought Linux is free) so I could not practice at home, the way I prepared for my RHCE certification. I could not believe that I paid them that much money for nothing however CMS Infosystems is providing the complete course [Redhat Enterprise Virtualization (RH -318)-RHEV + Red Hat Open Stack Administration(CL-210) + Red Hat Storage Server Administration (RH - 236)] for only Rs.17000. I would recommend you to enroll with CMS so that you can do the complete course at much cheaper price.

If you would like to know more about the training at CMS then you can read my post on Windows Server training & CCNA training. Don't ever skip my post "Beware of Linux Training Institutes Like Network Nuts" if you really want to learn Linux instead of just getting Certified. If you have any good or bad experience about any institute for any course feel free to let us know via the comment system below.

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