Amazon is Amazing, if You Order a-fulfilled Products


Everyone is busy in their day to day life with home, work, office and other stuff of daily routine. On weekends, we wish to not go for shopping and stay home with the family. E-commerce websites are helping us in every possible way to get the things delivered at the door step. More websites are launching every month because this is a very lucrative business, but customers need to think before using any available website.

The very first incident with such a website alerted me to not use such services. I have been browsing Amazon US for quite a long time and then Amazon India was launched. At that time, Flipkart & Snapdeal were already present in the market but I never dared to use them because of my past experience with Freecharge.

Amazon Customer Service Experience

I started using Amazon around 2 years back and was amazed to see their customer service where you don't have to wait in the queue. You enter your number and get an incoming call to get the customer service from the company. I have only seen such service from companies for selling their stuff. I have ordered all sort of stuff from gadgets, books, cables and creams etc without any issues. I have seen people complaining about stuff received from Amazon, but then they forget that at the end humans are sending the stuff. We have all sort of people across the world from needy to greedy and they make our shopping experience worst.

Don't forget, Amazon is a customer oriented company which is not only relying on the online portal. They do have Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is a cloud computing product running all your favorite websites. If you ever wish to buy anything from Amazon then make sure you opt for Amazon fulfilled products as shown in the image below, for a hassle free shopping experience. Once you check the option then only a-fulfilled products would be listed.

Purchase Amazon Fulfilled Products

The seller sends the product to Amazon then after all the cross checks, the products are sent to the customer and you don't have to worry about your shopping experience. Even then, you find something not satisfactory then also you can return the product without any issues. Please make sure, you don't misuse the service as because of this Jabong has already decreased their return window from 30 days to 15 days from the date of delivery.

I have got many gadgets and books from Amazon, which were not easily available in the market like: Logitech K400R Wireless Touch Keyboard, Raspberry Pi 2 - MODB - 1GB - Quad core,
Zealot Series B-370 Multifunction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen & Computer Networks by Andrew S. Tanenbaum.
There are many other things that still not available on the website and if any new company or other companies come up with all the stuff available at one place then they would be a sure shot hit. If we search for UPS to be used by consumers then there aren't much options available as shown below:

Amazon Needs More Products

At times, there are glitches as well, recently I ordered a Dell S2216H 21.5" Monitor which came with an HDMI cable but no VGA cable was included. My Cabinet doesn't have a HDMI socket neither I am using any Graphic Card at this point of time. So, I ordered a VGA 15PIN MALE TO MALE 1.5M CABLE but it was not delivered on time and other transport issues were there. This only happened first time as per my experience because I don't other anything other than Amazon fulfilled products.

They do have a nice customer service team, which handled me well though I was very irate as the monitor was of no use to me till I purchased a cable from the local market.Surely, we can not deny the importance of local market in our life but companies like Amazon are also playing a crucial role in this fast era.

Do you have something to share with all the readers of AD? Be it any company or any kind of experience then do let us know via the comment form below. Your experiences can make someone's final decision :)

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