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Internet is the need of today's generation and I wonder if anyone would be there with a Smartphone but without any internet connection. I get surprised when I see a computer without an internet connection but still most of them have a connection and rest of them are looking to get one. If you are also searching to get the best internet connection to use then this post will surely help you in deciding the same so let us know about them one by one.

MTNL: When I got my first computer around 8 years back then I was also in hurry like others to connect the internet. My first internet connection on the computer was a Dial up connection from MTNL. You read it right, it was a dial up connection and that time I also worked for AOL dial-up providing services to people in US. So, don't get that much surprised as Dial up wasn't antique then and for the first week or month I enjoyed it but I had to
switch to broadband because of the telephone bill.

Best Internet Service Provider

1) Sify Broadband: When I felt the need of a broadband connection that time Sify was very popular with their Sify iway all around. I had also used the services of Sify iway very much so I got a connection from them. Initially it was good for me and glad that time I was not a Linux user as they used to provide a software where one used to login first and then only one could get connected to the net. I don't remember exactly if initially they used to provide a Linux software to login or not, but I guess later on they started providing one.

Later on their internet started giving many problems. I wonder if they still have the same number of users, as because of the faulty connections followed by poor service and delayed start of internet again, I disconnected the internet from them like many other people. But initially they were really good and their prepaid plans helped in avoiding the problem of dispute as people face in postpaid plans.

2) MTNL Again: After disconnecting my internet from Sify, I switched back to Mtnl but this time with a broadband connection. That time, Mtnl launched many good broadband plans so I got one and since then I have been using the Internet from MTNL. You can see their Unlimited Tariff Plans Here and if you need an unlimited plan then only opt for MTNL as per my advice else opt for their prepaid plans. I am using their Freedom 800 combo plan in which I get 2 Mbps unlimited download between 11 pm to 8 am and 512 Kbps for the rest of the time.

Most of the dissatisfied customers that I have seen in MTNL are because of their bills in limited plans. It could be the fault of customers or MTNL but personally I have also faced such issue in a month when I requested to change my plan from Unlimited to Limited and then back to an Unlimited plan but their executive did not process my request and I got a heavy bill. Later on, I was able to get it reduced to 50% but then also it was quite big and that month I was also a heavily dissatisfied customer and understood why people are not happy with their bills. Had I got a recorded call for their executive where I requested to change my plan then I would not have paid the bill but anyhow we settled it with a mutual understanding.

I have been using MTNL internet for 6-7 years now and I am quite happy with the plans which are genuinely unlimited with no download limit. Though the customer service is not that good but I hardly feel any need to talk to them. Once in a year, I talk to them when I face any issue in my internet and I do face it for 5-10 days in a year which is understandable. Rest, as I said I am quite happy as no other company is providing unlimited plans without any download limitation.

Now, I am in a need of an internet plan with a download speed of 4 Mbps round the clock so was researching for other ISPs as well. MTNL does have the same plan but its quite costly even in todays high speed world. Other ISPs have the same plan at much cheaper rate then MTNL but then there is a download quota and hence they are not unlimited at high speed but unlimited at 512 Kbps.

3) Airtel: is another ISP available in major parts of the country and they have many high speed plans along with Fibernet as displayed on their website though I wonder if they are really providing all those plans everywhere. I never contacted them to know about any plan as such high speed plans with download quota seems useless to me.

For example, their Rs.1849 rental plan in which you get a download speed of 16 Mbps upto 30 GB, with such speed I will download 30 GB in a single day so there is no use of such high speed plan because the download speed will be 512 Kbps post that. Wisely, instead of this I will opt for MTNL's Triband combo UL data- 1899 plan in which the subscriber gets a download speed of 2 Mbps but then its really unlimited without any download quota.

I have also used Airtel's 3G plan in my mobile and its fine but not that good. The rental is similar to another mobile internet providers but I do not get 3G connectivity everywhere even when I am in Delhi itself. Many times I get 2G speed or no connection as well and the customer care is as usual pathetic. I have not used the mobile internet of any other company so can't say how they perform but I have heard that the 3G connection from Vodafone is quite good even while travelling. I will try it very soon and then would update you all. You can see the broadband plans from Airtel here as for many people its still a good ISP.

4) Tikona: is another ISP in the city and many people are using their internet connection. They have some really good plans for medium and heavy usage which are far better than Airtel's plan. Any plan of Tikona till 4 Mbps is much better than the internet plans of Airtel though Tikona does not have any plan which provides a download speed of more than 4 Mbps.

Recently, I requested a call back from Tikona as I wanted to know the type of connection they provide so that I can buy a router accordingly if I opt for them. You can see all Tikona Broadband Plans here and can request a demo at your place.

As of now, I don't know about the network and service of Tikona but I am sure with such plans in the list if they have a good network and better service then they will take the Airtel's customer base for sure as many friends told me that they are really enjoying Tikona.

5) Reliance: is in my top list as of now as per their listed plans on the website though I don't think so they are providing the plans in my area. I requested for a call back twice but never got any so I was wondering if they provide their service in my area or not. I have used a 3G dongle from reliance and the download speed was quite good, specially at night.

Their thunder 1099 plan in which the subscriber gets a download speed of 4 Mbps without any quota is the best one in the city. One of my colleague in the office is using the plan as the service of Reliance is available in his area. All the broadband plans from Reliance are unlimited and damn cheap in comparison to MTNL. Whenever they will be available in my locality, I am going to get one but till then I need to go for Tikona. You can check Reliance Broadband Plans Here and request a call back to check if its available in your locality, might be you would be the lucky one.

Among all the available ISPs in the city rather in our country noone is providing high speed internet at cheaper cost (atleast in North India) when the world is heading ahead in technology. Whatever plans are available for home users, people need to opt for them but then they do not get the customer service as required. I am waiting for Google Fibre to be available in all parts of the country and whenever it will be available then all these companies will repent as they did when WhatsApp ended their SMS business. The same way Google Fibre will end their internet business as they are not making a reliable customer base neither with their non-available plans nor with their available customer service.

If you are using a high speed plan of any other company not listed above then do let us know. There are many other companies providing internet in the city which many people are not aware of. One of my cousin is using an unlimited internet for Rs. 500 in which most of the time he gets a download speed of 500 KB/sec which again makes it a connection of 4 Mbps. Though it could be an error from the company but he has been downloading at the specified speed for 2 years now. So, don't forget to let us know about your favorite ISP using the comment system below.

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