Cast Your Vote Else Don't Blame Others For Your Sin

Elections are almost there and different parties have different plans in mind, but what about the plans of a normal citizen rather the responsible citizen of our country.What are your plans this time? Are you going to vote this time or simply applied for a voter id card so that it can be used somewhere as an address proof ? If you will not vote this time as well and again a candidate wins whom you never wanted to see as a winning candidate then who should be blamed for the same?

Less than a month is left for the election and people have started making plans for the E-day. Many are planing to vote a particular candidate however many are planing to go out for a movie with their friends and I have also seen that if the election day comes near weekend say Friday or Monday then many people plan a family outing around the election day and as a result they keep blaming others for the next 5 years. So, the movie can be seen later on and the family outing can be planned later on, understand your responsibility and use your right.
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I keep noticing people, talking about politics, different parties and their candidates in Delhi Metro and many other public places and when I ask them that do you vote then there answer is a loud no without any hesitation. If you ask people that if they have any plans to opt for politics then also they are not interested but they love talking about it even if they do not care to vote.

If you are not voting then it is fine (actually it is not) but then don't blame the system or anyone else for not working as expected by you because initially you are not using your right of vote or power to select the perfect one. I don't blame illiterate people for giving their vote to the wrong candidate but those literate people should be blamed who do not cast their vote to anyone and then keep crying for a change. First, we need to change ourselves then only we can expect a change.

At times, its the matter of now or never, I am not in favor of any political party though I wish to see a neat and clean governing system at least as much as possible and for that I wish rather I want that more and more people should use their right to vote so that they can select the candidate of their choice instead of crying for the next 5 years. Lets say if you vote for someone and they do not justify your vote then do not stop voting, simply go for another option next time. Competitors and options should be there in every field else internet would be renamed as Google.

Do not book a movie ticket, delay your family outing and do not relax at home saying that no one is eligible for your vote better be the part of the change you wish to see in the world if you can not be the change that you wish to see. If you think that no one is eligible in your area to get selected as your governing body then use the option of no one is eligible while voting and start searching an eligible person so that you won't have to use the same option next year.

Hope, you would not disappoint the coming generation by not voting this time so that they can get a proper working system because if things would start changing from now then only by that time everything would be fine.One should not vote only if-

1) They are happy with the current working style of any government office.

2) They are happy with the current public transport system.

3) They are happy with the procedure or the way their complaints are handled in any sector.

4) They are happy with the unnecessarily increasing price of anything.

5) If being a female, you feel safe in the society.

Think, vote, else do not cry again....

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