Hum AAPke Sath Hain Par Hamare Sath Kon Hain?

Five days are left and we would be deciding our future for the next 5 years, have you planned the election day or not? As of now it is difficult to predict the result of the elections because of the emergence of Aam Aadmi Party but the thing is whichever party wins the election would they really remember the public for their support?

In every elections I see different political parties roaming on  the streets of Delhi and after the result declaration, I see people lined up in queues to get their work done in different government offices. Different parties had formed the government in past and every time they promise one or other thing but all in vain. Do you see the winning candidate in your area after the elections? I do not see the winning candidates in different areas of Delhi as asked to my different friends. Once the elections are done then the candidates are mostly seen in next elections or in high class functions.

All candidates are not same, I have seen the work of my area's Nigam Parshad and he did a fantastic job in improving the condition of parks and the whole locality. I have also seen the working of my area's MLA, who is also from BJP like the Nigam Parshad and the things have really improved in comparison to the past but here I am talking about the governing system as a whole be it the Central or the MCD.

People need a proper working system moreover an open system where they should know what is happening in the system and why they are being asked to come again and again (at times with money to get their legal work done). They should know why things are not getting improved even if they are paying all the taxes in time.

This time people have expectations from Aam Aadmi Party be it because of the Ana's effect but the thing is if they become the ruling party then would they work as expected or as promised by them? Still people (even after the sting operation news and all the jazz about them) like me have hope from the party that they would actually change the political system. If they would behave the same way as others have been behaving for a long time then many things (if not everything) would be shattered in people's heart.

Results would be declared on 10th of this month and after that I would be sharing few things that I wish to be changed whichever party becomes the ruling party in the state. Do you have any experience of any department that you would like to change by the winning Chief Minister then do share with us using the comment option below so that it can be included in the next post.

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